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Most computers are configured to use a proportion of a computer's internal hard disk to store temporary files. Such a "swap file" enables the computer to operate effectively, and means that some free hard disk space always needs to be available for a computer to run properly. However, providing that a hard disk is large enough to store the required software and user data without getting beyond about 80 per cent full, hard disk capacity will have no impact on overall system performance. However, what does impact significantly on overall system performance is the speed of a computer's main internal hard disk. This is simply because the longer it takes to read software and data from the disk, and to access temporary files, the slower the computer will run.
The motherboard is the body or mainframe of the computer, through which all other components interface. It is the central circuit board making up a complex electronic system. A motherboard provides the electrical connections by which the other components of the system communicate. The mother board includes many components such as: central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), firmware, and internal and external buses.
Your computer monitor applies to a desktop PC, as said before your screen size/monitor is attached to your case for a laptop. A computer monitor is simply the screen that will be giving you your video output from the computer. A monitor’s screen size and features may be important to you as some monitors will have more potential video inputs such as HDMI or VGA, so make sure your monitor has the appropriate video components for your graphics card. There is not much more detail to go into for a monitor, some monitors come with sound for your computer, but you may prefer getting speakers instead. Most laptops have a small output if you would like to put your laptop on a larger monitor as well, of course this is not exactly necessary for most laptop users as a monitor is heavy, runs off  power from a wall socket, and you won’t be carrying it around.
Drives -- A drive is a device intended to store data when it's not in use. A hard drive or solid state drive stores a PC's operating system and software, which we'll look at more closely later. This category also includes optical drives such as those used for reading and writing CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. A drive connects to the motherboard based on the type of drive controller technology it uses, including the older IDE standard and the newer SATA standard.
No matter which computer part you need, whether it's a motherboard or a video card, you're bound to find computer parts offers that will reduce the price you pay at checkout. If you're building a new computer, it makes sense to buy parts in order of importance and to consider the steps necessary to install them. For example, your motherboard and CPU are the most vital. From these parts, you need to find others that are compatible with them. If you're making a computer repair, first look at parts to determine compatibility with your setup before looking for computer parts deals. The last thing you want to do is snag a sweet deal on RAM that doesn't work with your system.
Graphic cards are also called video cards or a video adapter. They are in all PCs. Graphic cards convert signals into video signals so the images can be displayed on the monitor. While many graphics cards are integrated into the CPU these days, enthusiasts will invest in standalone graphics cards with stronger and more powerful processing capabilities. This allows for heavy image editing, or better rendering and framerates in computer games.
Graphics cards are also known as the graphics processing unit (GPU) or video card. The more powerful your graphics card is, the more vivid your pictures and the more frame rate, how fast the video moves, will be. Higher end video cards prevent the crashes or buffering that you sometimes see when watching a movie or playing a game on a PC. Graphics cards are also available by size, ranging from 1GB to more than 12GB. Make sure you know how good of a graphics card your motherboard and processor can handle.
All forms of digital camera continue to converge. Webcams remain devices primarily designed for capturing movies directly into a PC (perhaps for upload to YouTube), or to enable desktop videoconferencing. However, many digital stills cameras can also be used as webcams. Many digital stills cameras can in addition capture video clips, whilst many digital video cameras can take still photos. Mobile phones of course also share these capabilities. Developments like Microsoft's surface computer will also make it easier and easier to share both still and moving images between computers and all kinds of mobile devices in the future.
The processor, or CPU, is critical to the PC's overall performance. Most desktop computers use Intel and AMD chips. When shopping for a processor, consider clock speed, number of cores, cache size, and the amount of RAM. If you're building a home PC, the minimum memory capacity you should consider is 4GB. For a gaming system, go for 8GB of RAM or higher.
The most commonly size(120mm) for computer case & radiators. DR12 is a perfect match for an RGB lighting computer system, The fan is designed to decorate your RGB systems, you can enjoy the performance with a beautiful setting. Equipped with rubber pads and hydraulic bearing, which greatly reduce operating noise and improves efficiency. It making darkFlash fan spin at 1200RPM at low 16dBA and deliver an air flow of up to 20.34CFM Elegant look and colorful lighting design. The 3-in-1 remote control enables users to easily select preferred RGB lighting effects, colors and fan speed. Please Note: This darkFlash RGB case fan does not offer speed controllable. For speed controllable fans, please refer to darkFlash ... .

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This is the final component needed for your computer, an optical drive or a CD/DVD drive. Blu-Ray drives also read CDs/DVDs as well as Blu-Ray disks, but may not WRITE CD or DVD formats. Either one will be fine however, as what you need is something to read the disk to install your operating system. An operating system delves more into software, but it is simply the software of your computer that manages other software and your hardware devices. Examples of different operating systems are Mac OSX, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux. When buying a pre-built PC, it will typically come with an operating system already installed and an optical drive, when building a PC however, you will need to purchase this yourself. It is entirely possible to install an operating system off of a flash drive as well, but it is typically handy to have an optical drive incase you install any other data or programs via CD. You can always add an optical drive to your desktop computer as well, should you find the need for one later on.
A motherboard is the first component you’ll want to choose. The motherboard dictates the physical form factor and size of your PC build, but it also determines what other pieces of hardware the computer can use. For example, the motherboard establishes the power of the processor it can handle, the memory technology (DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, etc.) and number of modules that can be installed, and the storage form factor (2.5-inch, mSATA, or m.2) and storage interface (SATA or PCIe). While you will want to choose your motherboard based on other compatible components, the motherboard should be your starting point. Find out more about RAM and motherboard compatibility.
If your putting something in your computer and taking it out is most likely a form of removable media. There are many different removable media devices. The most popular are probably CD and DVD drives which almost every computer these days has at least one of. There are some new disc drives such as Blu-ray which can hold a much larger amount of information then normal CDs or DVDs. One type of removable media which is becoming less popular is floppy disk.
DVDs (digital versatile discs) are another popular optical disc storage media format. The main uses for DVDs are video and data storage. Most DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs. Just like CDs there are many different variations. DVD-ROM has data which can only be read and not written. DVD-R and DVD+R can be written once and then function as a DVD-ROM. DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW hold data that can be erased and re-written multiple times. DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs respectively refer to properly formatted and structured video and audio content. The devices that use DVDs are very similar to the devices that use CDs. There is a DVD-ROM drive as well as a DVD writer that work the same way as a CD-ROM drive and CD writer. There is also a DVD-RAM drive that reads and writes to the DVD-RAM variation of DVD.
Battlefield servers have unique requirements in other areas besides environmental. One is reliability: For rackmount servers, the ability to quickly replace a module due to failure or for an upgrade drives the need for modularity and hot-swap line replacement units (LRUs). Every module of the system – from power supply and fan assemblies to VPX-based motherboard and drive assemblies – must be replaceable in seconds. This is the downfall of typical commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) 1U or 2U servers: If there’s a failure, the entire server must be replaced.
Internal storage is hardware that keeps data inside the computer for later use and remains persistent even when the computer has no power. There are a few different types of internal storage. Hard disks are the most popular type of internal storage. Solid-state drives have grown in popularity slowly. A disk array controller is popular when you need more storage then a single har disk can hold.
Firmware is a very specific, low-level program for the hardware that allows it to accomplish some specific task. Firmware programs are (relatively) permanent, i.e., difficult or impossible to change. From the higher-level view of software, firmware is just part of the hardware, although it provides some functionality beyond that of simple hardware.
While many retailers offer computer parts and accessories for sale, the best places to find parts deals are retailers with a specialty in tech, as opposed to stores that sell everything. For example, Target is a place to find full computers and even accessories like keyboards, but for parts, popular electronics stores like Best Buy or Fry's carry a huge selection of computer components like processors and power supplies. Also, these types of stores are very likely to satisfy any budget or need. You can also find vital equipment, such as motherboards, graphics cards or hard drives, at stores like Newegg, Micro Center or B&H Photo and Video. These may not be as well-known as the big-box tech stores, but you can have confidence that they still specialize in computer parts and have selections that ensure you can truly customize your build or repair. No matter where you shop, make sure to keep an eye out for computer parts coupons to save some cash on your purchase.

If you're into building PC's from just the basic components, this is the right site for you. Building a computer isn't as hard as it used to be and there are plenty of people jumping in and making them from scratch - whether it's from parts you may already have or all new parts. There are plenty of tutorials and step-by-step videos out there now that make it much easier.
So, I wanted to know for my own setup what should I do. If it’s better for my utilisation or now to have both setups which will be used in the same Case (Corsair 1000D) one with a regular ATX (ex: Threadripper) and the Second one with a mini ATX (ex: I9 9900k) or a single massive setup. Planning for a 6000euros ~ 6826,52$ (living in France… max for the case) and 1500e for 3 displays.

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Although the design of hardware differs between desktop PCs and laptops due to their differences in size, the same core components will be found in both. Without hardware, there would be no way of running the essential software that makes computers so useful. Software is defined as the virtual programs that run on your computer; that is, operating system, internet browser, word-processing documents, etc.
PC Parts, Inc. is proud to announce its newest endeavor iFix2Go (www.ifix2go.com ) has landed a spot on the front page of the Central Penn Business Journal. iFix2Go is a retail oriented iProduct (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) repair organization located in ‘high foot traffic’ areas like shopping centers and malls. iFix2Go also offers the above in a B to B, re-branded, depot service, and iPad insurance offering (iFix2Go Guard) available for the IT 3rd Party Service Provider/ Value Added Reseller community to market to its customers. The below article focuses on our very first location, a kiosk at the Park City Center Mall:

The second key factor that determines performance of a traditional, internal hard disk is the interface used to connect it to the computer's motherboard. Three types of interface exist: SATA, which is the most modern and now pretty much the norm on new PCs; IDE (also known as UDMA), which is a slower and older form of interface, and finally SCSI, which is happens to be the oldest but in it most modern variant is still the fastest disk interface standard. This said, SCSI is now all but redundant in desktop computing since the introduction of SATA, as SATA provides a fairly high speed interface at much lower cost and complexity than SCSI.
RAM is built with a few chips packaged together onto a little card known as a DIMM that plugs into the motherboard (dual inline memory module). Here we see the RAM DIMM removed from its motherboard socket. This is a 512MB DIMM built with 4 chips. A few years earlier, this DIMM might have required 8 chips in order to store 512MB .. Moore's law in action.
The speed discrepancy comes from how the two storage devices read and write data – read and write speeds measure how fast data loads (reads) and saves/transfers (writes). Hard drives use small mechanical moving parts and spinning platters to do this, and SSDs use NAND flash technology. The difference results in better speed, efficiency, and durability because small mechanical parts and spinning platters are much more susceptible to physical damage than NAND. Your data is accessed faster and preserved longer on SSDs because of this difference.
The central processing unit contains many toxic materials. It contains lead and chromium in the metal plates. Resistors, semi-conductors, infrared detectors, stabilizers, cables, and wires contain cadmium. The circuit boards in a computer contain mercury, and chromium.[10] When these types of materials, and chemicals are disposed improperly will become hazardous for the environment.